Monday, June 25, 2007

Korean War 한국전쟁

Today is the 57th Anniversary of Korean War. (Korean people mostly use '6.25(yukio in Korean)' rather than the term, 'Korean War' according to what we learnt from history classes. At least none of my teachers call it Korean war.) On TV morning news, they were making a fuss about the survey result that 53.2% of 20's doesn't know the year of the outbreak of the war. Though I'm in 20's in western age, because we are the generation who was taught years and groups excessively during Korean history class, it was surprising to me too that about a half of my generation is not aware of this kind of basic year. However, shouldn't it be more astonishing, not just unawareness of a year but our insufficient awareness of the tragedy still going on this peninsula?
(What you see on the photo is the part of North Korean viewed from 'Unification Observatory' located on South Korea's northern most part. The pic was taken a bit long ago though.)

오늘은 6.25가 발발한 지 57년 되는 날이다.
오늘 아침 뉴스에서는 20대의 53.2%가
6.25 전쟁의 발발연도를 모른다는 여론조사가 나왔다고
충격이라며 아침부터 호들갑을 떨었다.
난 서양식 나이로 20대이지만 내가 학교 다닐 때만 해도
한국사를 배울 때 연도와 소속 단체를 과하다 싶을 정도로 배웠기 때문에
이런 기본적인 연도를 모른다는 것은 솔직히 놀라웠다.
하지만 더 놀라야 할 것은 연도의 인지도가 아니라
이 땅의 끝나지 않은 이 비극에 대해
우리의 대다수가 충분히 인지하지 못하고 있다는 것 아닐까?
(사진은 남한의 최북단에 위치한 통일 전망대에서 바라본 북한땅이다.
좀 오래 전에 찍은 사진이긴 하다.)


Lewis said...

I am shocked to know that the history of the Korean war is not tought in your schools. But what the heck the kids in the USA don't know much about it either. I helped build K8 at Kuson in 1953. You can see some of the pictures that I took in 1953 at
You should be proud of your country - from your pictures it looks like you made much inprovement since 1953. I enjoy looking at your pictures. Thanks

Sunkyoung said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog, Lewis. This is the moment I appreciate WWW as I'm writing to you, besides the distance between Seoul and Selma, who had stayed in this peninsula over half a century ago!
Looking at your photos from the post-war age, I was surprised and glad to see some past parts of my country. What an amazing archive!