Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please Dont Durty

It's been a while since I took this photo and I've once posted this story on my previous personal web page but I've always wanted to talk about this post once again. In Korea, where English is not just a communication language but an object itself, there are numerous cases of laughing and crying because of English. Due to an obsession with English, occasionally 'Broken English/Konglish' happens and I get embarrassed sometimes but also feel sorry at other times. And in case of the photo above, it was definitely the moment of laughter considering it was rather cute.

That place is on the corner of a street where rubbish is put out. Given the fact that there are many foreign workers in my neighbourhood, I think the owner of this property wanted to give warning to them so sprayed the sentence on the wall. It wouldn't be a big deal though it is ungrammatical because there's no one who don't understand what it means.

이 사진을 찍은지는 좀 오래되었고 예전의 개인 홈페이지에도 올린 적이 있지만
언제고 다시 한 번 이야기를 하고 싶었다.
영어가 단순한 의사소통의 수단이 아닌 그 자체가 목적이 되어버린 한국에서는
영어 때문에 울고 영어 때문에 웃는 일이 허다하다.
영어에 의한 강박증 때문에 가끔은 '엉터리 영어'가 탄생할 때도 있는데,
당황스러울 때도 있고 안쓰러울 때도 있지만
위 사진의 경우는 귀여워서 크게 웃었다.

저 곳은 골목의 한 구석, 쓰레기를 내다놓는 곳인데,
외국인 노동자가 많이 살고 있는 우리 동네의 특성 상
그들에게 한 소리를 하고자 스프레이로 벽에다 쓴 것이다.
좀 틀리면 어떤가, 저 뜻을 모를 이는 없을테니.


Dick said...

Yes it is funny but my English is also not very good. Please don't laugh.

Sunkyoung said...

Hey, thanks for your visit. It's been a while since I found your blog through Don's. I like your pictures very much.
I know what you mean, but please don't get it wrong. It's not that I laugh at broken English but that I think the attempt to write the sign and accordingly say something was funny and even cute in some way.:)