Saturday, June 30, 2007

Architecture 건축

What I think distinguishes architecture from other types of art is it penetrates into our daily lives: every moment we walk on, sit on, lean on, lie on objects built.
I took this photo at Shinsegae Department Store main branch in Namdaemun.

내 생각에, 다른 예술 분야와 건축을 구분짓는 가장 큰 차이는
건축은 우리의 일상에 깊이 침투해있다라는 것이다.
매 순간 우리는 지어진 건축물 위에서 걷고, 그 위에 앉고, 기대고, 눕는다.
사진은 남대문에 있는 신세계 백화점 본점에서 찍었다.


Anonymous said...

It looks more like a library or a bank than a department store. I like the architecture too.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Brookville Daily Photo

zannnie said...

very beautiful shot of the architecture! I like the clean and neat look ;)

Sunkyoung said...

I also thought these windows, lights, walls and a ceiling didn't look like belonging to a department store.

Thank you for your lovely comments!