Sunday, October 21, 2007

Queuing at the Platform of Metro

Seoul Metro advises the passengers to queue in four lines at each platform due to the huge number of commuters during the rush hour, and thus these green footstep stickers are kind of guidance.


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Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

My first subway ride was in Seoul!
I was surprised and impressed to see that the passengers can just "walk" into the train from the platform - i.e. they don't have to step UP to get in. What a pity that the new local train (not a subway) they have built here did not take that into consideration. It makes it so easy for the older and physically challenged people to get in when the train floor and the platform are level. Another thing that surprised me was that the train stopped exactly at the predetermined spot. Here people just wait and see where the train comes to a halt so that they can run to the nearest door to get in! And there is NO concept of queuing to get in!! People getting in push against the people trying to get down so that they can grab any seats left. Indiscipline is the bane of the modern Indian civilization!