Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Seoul Metro ll

Every stop sign of Seoul Metro is written in three languages: Korean, English and Chinese. And the announcement made on the subway is spoken in both Korean and English. However, when it comes to informing the passengers some critical information, it is not always that script is recorded in English. A friend of mine told me his experience that he didn't understand the next stop would be the terminus. So he left alone for a short time after most of passengers got off the subway whilst a drunk man was lying asleep on the seat. It'd be taking a long time and not be so efficient to teach all the metro drivers English but, instead, when there is the announcement in Korean, some people speaking English can help foreigners who look confused by lost-in-interpretation, or foreigners also can ask some people around them what's going on.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Big East Gate, eh?

You mean the stop is where trains terminate and also through which trains pass? Otherwise, foreigners would know that it is the last stop, right? I mean by looking at the train information. I dont remember if the Metro trains have LCD screens inside. If they do, another possibility is that they could flash it in English that it is the last stop. No need for the train driver to learn English for this. Just a thought...

Do you take requests? If you do, please post a pic of the Blue House.

Dalicia said...

yeah it's hard if they don't
make the announcement loud enough. for a foreigner, you better know the stop in the korean language. it's better to be attentive