Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rice Steamed in Bamboo

Rice is a main dish for Korean and there are various ways to cook it. This one is steamed in the big piece of bamboo cut, including pieces of jujube, ginkgo nut and charcoal. And what you see on the pan are sliced beef and garlic. What a good food! (I think I should avoid posting any further food and restaurant stuff for the time being.^-^)


leo said...

i like all the edible items featured in your recent entry -coffee and thai food. My favourite coffee shop would be the local kopitiam outlet called Uncle Lim's and black canyon (i think it's originated fr thai). and i love authentic seafood tom yam -yummy! beautiful shots of both coffee shop and belly buddha. take care.

Blue Wave 707 said...

All of your food photos make me hungry ... :-D

And they are such god photos too! :-)

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

You can post as many bibimbap pics and I won't get tired of it. :)
I like bibimbap, kimchi, suntobu.
Wish there were some Korean restaurants here.

Murphy_jay said...

Hi Sunkyoung.. love all your food entries! Keep them coming ya!

Dalicia said...

this rice looks more like sticky rice? am i right? gees the gingko nut is a nightmare to peel. however, the combination of jujube and gingko sounds like a healthy idea!