Sunday, August 05, 2007

Motorway Snack Bar

This afternoon I was coming back from my short stay (how can I even call two-day off as summer holidays?) in my hometown, Geojedo, and the bus stopped at a motorway snack bar. I'm not sure about the precise English word for this place where drivers and passengers take a rest, fill their stomachs as well as their cars. Anyway, in Korea, these places have various types of food, ranging from real snacks to full menu. However, a sad thing is that not many places have their own specialties.


Annie said...

I would know where to go for coffee (Nescafe) but I'd have to go into the other stores to see what they were selling.

Are you a little bit rested after your two day holiday? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Very modern looking. I recognize Nescafe.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Anu said...

The new Mumbai-Pune expressway has such a Motorway Snack Bar before Lonavla, and good variety of meals and snacks at affordable prices.
Ah, Nescafe is everywhere.
I used to think they exaggerate in the TV ad when they say--people all over the world drink Nescafe.

ruth said...

The Nescafe sign stood out to me too, seems out of place.

It amazes me how much good takeaway food is offered at markets like this these days.

Dijah said...

I think the one's in Malaysia are something like this as well but it is more like a food court so you can have all of the food you desire without moving to another place.

I hope you get what I mean because I'm not that good in explaining things.

Per Stromsjo said...

2-day holiday? Hm.

I bet the international brands of fast food are penetrating your country as well?

Zsolt said...

I love to see these characters. I dont understand any of them..but they look to me like artwork!

Sunkyoung said...

Annie - Thank you for your caring. It was absolutely not long enough but I did rest a bit having lots of different fruits. (My dad sells fruits.;)) Most of M. snack bars have dozens of different kinds of food.

Abraham - Yes, you're right. Especialy this resting place has been built recently.

Anu - I'd love to try those various meals and snaks in Indian motorway. It's a little sad to admit but those mutinational companies are truly everywhere.

Ruth - I didn't intend to have Nescafe stand out but I couldn't hide it either.

Dijah - This place also has a similar structure as the one in Malaysia. Inside this building there in no wall between different food sections.

I did clearly get what you meant so don't worry at all.

Per Stromsjo - I know it's bloody short. Last week I got a message from a Swedish friend of mine in Göteborg saying she'll be on a summer holiday for three weeks!

It's been so long since this kind of global company invaded Korean markets in lots of industries.

Zsolt - Happy to hear you like Korean alphabet. Each alphabet is taken its form from the articulation organ. For example, 'ㄱ' sounding [g], is a velar sound and its shape looks like a soft palate.