Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Since winning at some international competitions, Korea has been one of the renowned countries of B-Boys. Recently, a musical, 'Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy' was on a stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and it achieved pretty good reactions. This show will be on in London too from 23rd Sep to 21st Oct. These groups of lads on the photo are another random teams who were battling against each other sponsored by Converse.


leo said...

hi, what's B stands for? is it Band-Boys? i see from the banner that Lotte is one of the sponsor. It's a duty free outlet right? and Rain is their spokeperson..

Blue Wave 707 said...

... and they said break dancing is dead ... I know there is a resurrgence of b-boys here in Hawai‘i as well.

Too bad Rain canceled his concert here ... I was supposed to be on the video crew for it.

Sunkyoung said...

Leo - Hello, there. As BW kindly mentioned above, B stands for break dance/dancing. Daum (web portal like Yahoo!) and Lotte were co-sponsors.

Lotte, as one of top companies in distribution industry, owns DFS, department stores and hyper markets. Besides Yongjun Bae, actor from Winter Sonata, who's been on Lotte DFS's ad since 2004, Rain recently joined this giant company. You ARE a fan of 'Hanryu', aren't you?^-^

BW - Oldies but goodies!
It would've been fantastic if you had been part of his tour to Hawaii. I'm sorry for that.

'rin said...

While performing at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007 Festival I went to watch this show. It was fantastic and my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Infact we enjoyed it so much we made an impact on some video interviewers who decided to ask us what we thought. I have yet to find this Video Review anywhere and was wondering if anyone had spotted it and could give me the link. I would love to see it.

Philip / London Korean Links said...

It's a shame the show never came to London.