Monday, August 06, 2007


Do you believe in superstition? I hardly do but I think some of them exist for reasons. You may remember Jongno Tower I posted more than a week ago. Behind this quite modern building, there is a little odd-looking golden monument. The locals say this is a memorial tower for those whose remains were found under construction of Jongno Tower. Before setting up this tower, it is said that dozens of construction workers lost their lives, who were directed to keep struggling on digging by a builder who ignored the bones from the underground.

What kind of superstitious stories do your towns have?


Dick said...

I thought it over and can't find such a story. But maybe I'm not the right person to know.

Leber said...

hi sunkyoung - thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes - my writing can be literary/weird. Hope you like some of it at least.
Glad to hear you are involved in the irish community there. No doubt you have met tom coyner. I went to many meetings in Jongno tower when he worked there.

Sunkyoung said...

Dick - The Netherlands, quite practical a country, may not have many superstitious stories, I guess.;)

Leber - Glad to see your comment here. I do have met Tom Coyner but, since this year, he's no longer a chairperson but an advisor of IAK. He's still one of core members in the community, though, as you know well. Why don't you go to IAK's new web site,, which I participated in developing. (Hmmm.. "target" tag is not allowed on this comment window.)

travelphilippines said...

yes i do sometimes. well as they say nothing to loose.