Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Snack Cart

Since late 90's, the megaplex cinemas has been the general trend in Korea. It's ironic, however, that we've got less options to choose films we want to watch due to domination of some major film distribution companies. Nowadays most of cinemas is filled with smell of pop corns, but the traditional snacks at Korean cinemas used to be the one on the picture above: dried/half-dried squid, dried/fried filefish, dried octopus, roasted chestnuts etc. And I'm happy to see that these are still in the cart though I do not eat anything during films.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Interesting choice of snacks at the movie theater.

I would love to try the roasted chestnuts.

Sudoksa said...

Keep your traditions.
I hate to watch a film with someone next to me eating popcorns ! :)

Dick said...

Hmmmm........I don't like popcorn.
What are the long brown things? Fish?

Dick said...

I'm sorry my comment did appears twice and now it says "comment deleted".

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...
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• Eliane • said...

I am a big movie fan but i still can get used to the smell of pop corn. I hate it. It makes me a little sick - you know, they add butter on it, burk!
I really think the snacking, pop corn thing is cultural. Sadly it is imposed on us by those big corp., as you mentioned. And most people are buying in. Sad. So I agree with you, it is refreshing to see a traditional display. Heck, if they were selling Belgian chocolates, I would probably feel it my civic duty to buy one.

Blue Wave 707 said...

All the reason to carry a big handbag or jacket to sneak the local favorite snacks into the cinema! Of course, the scent of some those snacks may give you away. Though in a crowded movie house, other people will have done the same.

I'm guilty of hiding snacks in my jacket or my daughters' handbags ... :-D

Willem said...

the big wheel again ? ...

help 1 ; thinking about the labouring kids / classes that just love (dream about ) sitting in such a megaplex

help 2 ; a good book and a " quiet " place

help 3 ; buying everyting from the lady at the snack cart, inviting her to come along choosing a musical that you can see whilst eating and singing loudly together with the characters on the screen

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

It's passed a while since I went to the cinema last time. Once I was a film addicted but since this foolish habit to eat, message, answer the phone, talk each other seems to be the *only* way to watch a film, I prefer to watch it at home.

Sunkyoung said...

Ming - I'd also love to have some chestnuts and half-dried squid too.

Sudoksa - Yes, we should. I don't like the smell of popcorn and people's making sound of chewing it.

Dick - That is the dried legs of big octopus'. They are cut into pieces while being roasted.

Eliane - Sometimes it makes me yeck when I smell the overwhelming popcorn's heat wave in a cinema. I'd love a couple of pieces of Belgian chocolate. Best!

BW - Hahaha, it's funny you use a strategy on a family level. When people have no time to grab some food before the film, some of them bring hamburgers with them, which is not allowed. I understand their situation but the smell is too strong in such a closed place.

Willem - Nice alternatives.

Fabrizio - The fact you mentioned also makes me go less to cinema.