Wednesday, August 08, 2007


When I found this sticker detached a little from the fence, I couldn't help but break into laughter.^-^ Here comes the reason: the message on the yellow sticker literally says "Pull in an emergency." However, we often omit objects in sentences so some meanings can be interpreted in multisense context. In this case, though the message was meant to 'pull (this aluminum fence) in an emergency,' wicked but witty person did 'pull a sticker' in case of emergency. I thank him or her for making me smile.

* I've been trying to stick to the rule of posting a photo a day but was unable to keep it yesterday. On Tuesday I got a call my dad was in ER because of myocardial infarction and therefore I had to come down to a bigger city near my hometown to see him right after work. Fortunately, it turned out the problem is not so serious but he has to stay in hospital for a couple of days and also definitely quit smoking. I know smoking helps him release tensions in some way but now it's time he needs to find another way.


Youngsin Kim said...

어제 사진이 올라오지 않길래 조금 걱정했었는데, 아버님께서 편찮으셨군요. 병세가 심각하지 않다니 다행입니다. 에구... 많이 놀라셨겠어요. 아무쪼록 빠른 시일 내에 쾌차하시길 기도합니다. 홧팅!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your father is OK. Tell him I said to stop smoking if he can. He will feel better. Not right away but in about 3 or 4 months. I smoked for 47 years and ruined my lungs and my arteries and now I am health problems from it. So if he can I hope he can quit.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

DS2944 said...

I'm happy you dad is weller.
Tell him foe me please : STOP smoking now, it's never too late !
I know how it's difficult but I stop 7 years ago quiet easyly with patches ...

Sunkyoung said...

Thank you very very much, Youngsin, Abraham and DS2944, for your comments. They did make me feel better and my dad's also getting better. I'll be encouraging him to stop smoking and your comments will hopefully help him do so.