Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bus Info System

On the left top of this photo, you can see the small electric board written, "Bus Information System." This brilliant equipment shows the bus numbers, and times and bus stops remained until the buses arrive. This is the bus stop at Sadang metro station and I hope this board is installed in every bus station.


Beetle said...

Nice photo of daily activity,It's same like we have here but only in different alphabetic :o)
imagine if I was there I'm sure one of those people would be my BIG helper to translate the board and hope one of them can speak the language that i can understand too.

Thank You for your nice commented on my site.

Youngsin said...

it's the only thing that i like about Korean public transportation systems. as for who's driving (i mean some stupid bus drivers with no smile), they need to learn how to serve their customers...(-_-;; i have lots of bad memories about the drivers.)

anyway, which bus are you waiting for?

Sunkyoung said...

Beetle - Despite the huge amount of efforts on learning English, the language barrier here is one of things that less attract overseas travellers. I do recommend you to try your hope to come true. So, what about visiting Seoul?;)

Youngsin - I partly agree with your opinion about the drivers. But I've found more and more bus drivers recently started to say hi and I think it's great. Sometimes I say hello to them first. In some way, I think our greetings carry more politeness than just 'hi, hello', and this makes us hesitate to say the full phrase, '안녕하세요(annyounghaseyo).' Look how many syllables it even has!
Btw, I was waiting for no. 11-5 Bus and it's not on the board as I took this photo right before the bus came in.

Sejin said...

I wonder if it will carry all infomation of all buses at one stop at one board...Hope that system works in order.
Luckily, I use subway :)

Sunkyoung said...

Annyoung, Sejin! Thank you for your first comment. I'll be happy you could be a regular visitor to my blog.

The board does show the information about all the busses arriving at the stop. But, as you know, there are one or two more different bus stops in the area. Accordingly the board doesn't carry the information of busses stopping about five meters away.