Wednesday, July 18, 2007

General Sunshin LEE

Every country has a national hero nearly all the people admire with no doubt. To us, General Sunshin Lee (1545~1598), is one of the country's favourite great men and women and, during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in the 16th century, achieved an incredible record of all wins and no defeat at wars on the sea.

These national heroes normally enjoy the enthusiastic support by the future generation, but if they ever knew they were used to consolidate some dictators' power as a part of the obscurant policy, I don't think they are quite happy with this. A statue of General Lee, standing at Gwanghwamun crossroads with a very stern looking, seems to contain a disturbing ghost of Junghee Park, dictatorial former President in 1970s.


don said...

we alos got some great heroes from the past stadning in or city. Good idea i will serch for those men.

Youngsin Kim said...

this photo reminds me of a scary story related to the statue of General Lee. according to the story (more like a legend in my hometown), the statue is walking around the city after midnight to find and eliminate japanese ghosts who died during the war. so...if your dog is barking at night when no one is around, it may hear them fighting. pretty scary, isn't it? maybe General Lee is still protecting us from the invaders... believe it or not... (i heard this story about 20 years ago when i was in elementary school and i was still so naive to believe anything..^^;;)

그냥 비도 오고 해서...썰렁한 코멘트... 죄송 :)

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Sunkyoung said...

Don - I look forward to seeing the heroes in your town.

Youngsin - Haha, we all used to have that kind of 'believe it or not' story, didn't we? Although I do not believe it any more, I still like it.

Shinji - Thanks a million for founding my blog. I emailed you so please reply me as you can.