Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sky, Cloud, Steel, Glass

Quite natural and quite artificial.
But, after all, they all look harmonious.

This is the building of Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.


Dick said...

It makes me dizzy.

Willem said...

.. and to compare with Saint-Rumolduscathedraltower in Mechelen Belgium...
sure that's a rank stranger to you :)

Willem said...

...and with every of them comments i think : should i publish or put 'em in the bin? B'coz they're wisely, witty / funny (and even a bit seriously) meant, ... but how do they arrive ??

Sunkyoung said...

Dick - I felt slightly the same thing as you when I looked up at this thirty-storey building.

Willem - Thank you for your bunch of comments. I don't think I clearly understood what you meant, though. The 'comments' in your second comment box refers to mine or yours? And what did you mean by 'to arrive'?

Willem said...

Well, Sunkyoung, when you like to consider life on this planet, perception in time, culture, eshtetics and what's natural or not... just check it with a few pictures from that tower in Mechelen Belgium - you surelely can find(?)some whilst using this medium

... and as i read on your additional personal blog, your interest for (old) Europ...

and what about those comments...i wasn't doubting about throwing yours in a bin, i just deleted one of my own, doubting that you might interpret it as "forwarding"...and rewrote it quite or even just the same way ( on your add pers blog )
... it's just giving some additional info from this " creature " livin a few blogs ... or blocks away ... ( a few thousands of miles / kilometers )

... "begrijpt u ?" = " do you understand ? "

... and standing next to that old tower sure makes one feel dizzy too

... so far so good (?), ... hope you enjoy this w,w&f reaction