Saturday, July 28, 2007


There are several spots one must visit in Seoul and Insadong is one of them, where are lots of antique shops so people can buy some Korean traditional souvenirs and gifts. Also, this is the place where you hear the various languages from the tourists, mainly Japanese, Chinese and English. I do not recommend spending too much money here because of the shops' fixed prices and relatively expensive food due to 'Insadong premium.' Instead, you can go for Namdaemun market where you can enjoy price negotiations with store owners by saying "Kakajuseyo," meaning 'Please cut down the price', in rough Korean and with a cute look.


han said...

외국인을 위해 좋은 팁을 남겨주시는군요. ^^

gorjess said...

awww need to be there i love antiques. well just small antiques not those big furniture antiques.

Sunkyoung said...

Han - 민간서울홍보인이니까요.^^;

Gorjess - Insadong has teeny tiny stuff too. I'm sure you'll love this place.