Saturday, July 07, 2007


Think Green! at a Pink Store.

Just looking at this photo, the shop doesn't seem to be in Seoul, rather somewhere in English-speaking countries. Though 'ssamzie' is a Korean word meaning 'pouch', for a typographic purpose I guess, they wrote it in English in parallel with 'market.'

분홍색 가게에서 초록색 생각을 하라.

이 사진만 보면 서울에 있는 가게 같지가 않다. 영어를 쓰는 어느 나라께쯤 있는 가게 같다. '쌈지'는 순우리말이지만, 타이포그래피의 관점에서, 'market'과 어울리게 하려고 영어로 쓴 건가 보다.


Rodrigo said...

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Steve Buser said...

I like the juxtapositioning. Green and pink -- catches your eye.

Han said...

데일리 포토를 한분 더 시작하셨군요. 축하드립니다. 저도 오늘에야 알게 되었습니다.

지금 한국의 데일리 포토 블로거는 먼저 하시던 분이 쉬고 계시고 저 하나였는데, 무척 반갑습니다. ^^

Anonymous said...

Nice picture and good explanation.

My daughter, Melinda, has a picture she took on my blog. It is a stunning macro.
Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

Thanks for visiting my blog so I could now find yours! Re. your comment: Don't hesitate to ask people to photograph them. In almost every case, people have said yes to me. I think they're flattered and very curious about the blogs, if you have time to tell them.

Your photograph underscores the global element to all of our cultures.

Sunkyoung said...

Rodrigo - I don't think you will charge the same delivery fee to Korea.

Steve - I learnd a new word, 'juxtaposition' from you. Thank You!:)

Han - 사실 전 한님의 블로그를 안 지가 꽤 되었는데 위에 글 남기신 걸 보시고 얼마 전에야 첫 덧글을 남겼네요. 언젠가 서울에서 마주치게 될 지도 모르겠단 생각이 들어요.^-^ 저도 반갑습니다~!

Abraham - Thank you for comment and your interest in my commentary too. I saw the photo taken by your daughter and it was absolutely stunning!

Kate - Thanks a lot for your advice. No one can deny the crucial position of English as the language in this glolised age, but I don't like it to be used excessively.