Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nest in the City

Human beings have developed cities for themselves and animals of other species have not been carefully considered much in the path. To me, the nest on the tall tree looks desperate.

Place: in front of Jongno Tower


Youngsin said...

I can hear the birds crying out,
"Go to hell, you stupid Homo sapiens~!"

(I've been enjoying your daily photos since i found this place~)

p.s: What a great blog~! I love it.
참 깔끔하고 보기 좋게 꾸며 놓으셨어요.

Sunkyoung said...

Hi, Youngsin! Thank you for 'finding' my blog.:) I'm happy you're enjoying my blog.

블로거에서 제공하는 레이아웃을 이용하는 거라 제가 꾸민거라고 하기엔 좀 그렇지만, 대신 알찬 내용을 담으려고 정성을 들이고 있기는 해요. 코멘트 남겨주셔서 맙습니다. 자주 놀러오세요~^o^