Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Toothpicks are one of typical things you can find in Korean restaurants. The restaurants used to offer wooden toothpicks, but since it was criticised as eco-unfriendly, they have been replaced by ones made of starch. It isn't a pleasant scene in which people pick food between their teeth standing in front of the mirror at the gate of a restaurant, but also it is a sight I have become to adore in Korea because it seems quite human to me.


Dick said...

It is not a bad idea for our restaurants.

Willem said...

What would Desiderius have thought about this ? How HUMAN would he have considered this ?

Steve Buser said...

I guess we're still eco-unfreindly here in the U.S. because I have never heard of or seen a starch toothpick.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon, bring a friend.

--steve buser

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Sunkyoung said...

Dick - Outside Korea, I really hadn't felt like needing a toothpick because we use it mostly for picking out pepper powder which is one of major ingredients to Korean food. Maybe you need a toothpick after eating bitteballen?:)

Willem - Hey, you seem to always ask me a question I don't get 100% clearly. What does Desiderius(Erasmus?) has to do with being 'human'?

Steve - Thanks for your return visit. I'll drop by your blog soon.