Saturday, July 14, 2007

Underground Branding

As for the cities having underground, except Seoul, I have visited Paris, Berlin, Munich and London. And I've recently found there are a couple of different things between our capital city and the rest, which is that the underground stations in Korea call a subway entering, its destination and a safety warning both in Korean and English. In addition, until I last went to those European cities, I hadn't seen the underground branding like the one on the photo. This ad is about Visit Year Kyeongbuk 2007, located in the southeast of Korea, where there are lots of cultural heritage of Silla, one of the ancient countries on the peninsula, from 57 BC to AD 935.


Han said...

영어가 유창하시군요. 부럽습니다. ^^

한선생님이라고는 부르지 말아주세요. ^^; 그냥 한이라고 부탁드립니다.

Sunkyoung said...

과찬이십니다. 영어는 유창하게 하려고 여전히 노력 중입니다. 사실 쓰기만큼 듣기와 말하기가 되어도 좋겠습니다.^^;

핫, 그리고 선생님이라고 부른 것은 반은 농담조였어요. 괄호 안 느낌표는 그런 의미였어요.^^ 직업 특성 상 제가 낯선 사람들한테 전화를 많이 거는데, 연령이 높은 분들께는 '~씨'라고 부르기도 그렇고, 무턱대고 '차장님, 부장님'이라고 부를 수도 없어서 '선생님'이라는 표현을 쓰는 것을 배웠거든요. 그 정도로 나이가 많지는 않으시겠지만, 저도 처음 뵙는 거라 그렇게 불러보았어요. 앞으로는 '한'님이라고 부를게요.

즐거운 주말 보내세요!

Ann said...

Your subways seem quite bright and cheerful when compared to many other countries. Are those advertisements on the doors as well?

Sunkyoung said...

Yes, they are, Ann, and even inside the subway you can see banners of the advertisement. Very enthusiastic but a bit too much, I have to say.