Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Place

Like any other metropolitan cities in the world, Seoul also has enormously various kinds of restaurants from all over the planet but the general trend is Western food. The Place, relatively opened and located in Gwanghwamun, aims at having its customers feel like being in a Western-style brasserie. However, it is too crowded and takes too long to get a table, up to half an hour, without being given a waiting seat.


Dick said...

It's not nice if you have to wait that long, but the restaurant has enough customers, that's good business for them.

travelphilippines said...


Sunkyoung said...

Dick - You're right. This restaurant has a good location and is run by a big food company, so they can't miss many customers. But I'd been one of those customers three times already and I don't think I'd go there again.:)

TP - You must have been hungry when you saw this photo.;)